Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Searching for Solutions

I have been feverishly searching the Internet for ways to prevent my son from having these reoccurring colds and ear infections. There is some pretty scary complications from chronic ear infections. I kept finding the same ways to prevent ear infections: switch to a daycare setting with six or less kids (there are five); keep away from smoke (none of us smoke), sleep with a humidifier (done), and limit bottles and pacifiers (only a couple times a day).

Then I came upon a tip that I had not seen before; eliminate dairy. If you have read previous posts (6/18/09 & 7/14/09) you know that Randy is allergic to eggs and has trouble with milk. One of the things that has happened as he has started daycare is that I am not in as much control of his diet. When he goes to his sitter, I provide all the food. When he is at daycare, they feed him from their menu. They try to avoid milk and egg, but I am not fanatical about avoiding it since he does not have an anaphylaxis reaction.

Well according to several sources, milk allergies often cause congestion which can lead to ear infections. I know this may sound like a long shot to some, but I am willing to try anything. So I am off for more research so that I can overhaul his diet.

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