Monday, February 21, 2011

I do more before 9 am than most toddlers do all day..

Although today was technically a "day off", Randy and I certainly had a lot to this morning.  Randy had a 7 am eye doctor appointment and an 8:15 EEG.  Let me clarify; a sleep deprived EEG.  Last night we were instructed to keep him up until 11 pm.  Then we had to wake him at 5 am.  Then to make matters worst, he only had a 30 minute nap yesterday because his godparents were in town.

Despite having to wake a sleep deprived toddler up at 5 am, today was a good day.  The eye doctor says that Randy is still using both eyes together.  And guess what? We can stop patching his eye!!!!!  We have been patching Randy for TWO YEARS!  It has not always been an easy process.  He has gone from patching the left eye six hour per day to patching the left eye four hours per day to alternating eyes four hours per day down to two hours per day to two hours five days per week to two hours three days a week.  He has to go back to the eye doctor in two months.  If he is still using both eyes together, then he will continue with no patching and the doctor will schedule his strabismus surgery.

Randy was a total rock star during the EEG!  He laid on the cot nice and calm while she put on the electrodes and wrapped his head in gauze.  I then picked him up and sat in the rocker and he fell to sleep immediately.  The technician was so amazed that he was such a good boy.

I think she saw something and of course she did not tell me.  But I was having such an awesome day that I did not press it.  I'll just wait the 5 days that she says it takes to get the results.  Usually I'm fretting and needing to know, but not this time.  Nope I'm just enjoying the victory of the day.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

America's Next Top Male Model

This photo appears in their most recent catalog.  They came to Randy's daycare and used about five or so children to model with their equipment.  My photogenic toddler was one of the lucky few.  Some of the older children were used in multiple shots.  Randy was allowed to keep the frog and they sent him a check for $50.  Toy R Us here he comes!

I am glad they used special needs children.  There is nothing more irritating than seeing a child in a photo with a piece of equipment (ie: a walker) that they are obviously not using.  Just a mini-rant.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pre-School Evaluation

Weather permitting, Randy will be evaluated by the school district for pre-school.  I am so nervous about this process.  Please pray that they get a good picture of my son's strengths and weaknesses and are able and willing to created an IEP that benefits him.