Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in Review

Randy made so much progress in 2011. He changed from a baby to a little boy. Physically he is so much stronger. He is handling stairs with a rail and can handle one step without a rail. He has gotten "big". He is still slightly smaller than his peers, but not by much. At almost four, he is about 37 inches and 33 lbs. He added two whole fruits to his diet: mandarin oranges and bananas; and one vegetable: green beans. I still mash and/blend much of his food, bur he is slowly starting to take risks.

His speech has exploded! He speaks in 4-5 word sentences and will question you all day. He is currently working on W questions in speech and is learning something new all the time at pre-school.

Of course I still worry about his development. His attention and maturity are poor, thus he finds it difficult to play with his peers. It I'd even more worrisome because he now wants to play with them. Before he would basically ignore other children. I am hoping that time and pre-school will help in this area.

2011 is another year that I am in awe of my son and his progress. I feel so blessed to be his mom and to be able to witness first hand what a miracle that has taken place through him.