Monday, May 30, 2011

No News is Good News

I guess that is where we are right now.  A lot is going on, but most of it seems to be moving in the right direction.  Randy continues to grow and is a smidgen over 36 inches and hovering around 29-30 pounds.  He is in the 25th-50th percentile.  Pretty impressive.  His gross motor skills are continually improving.  He still cannot run or jump, but he is making progress.  He practices "jumping" all the time and will run whenever given the opportunity.  He's been up on his tip toes a lot.  I thought it was because he is trying to move in a more sophisticated manner and used his toes for balance. His PT says that his hips are a little tighter.  She attributes this to his recent growth spurt.  She has reminded the classroom teachers to gently stretch him at diaper changes, and I need to be more diligent in stretching him at night.

He continues to need no patching.  He is also using his vision very well.  He is feeling more confident and taking more risks in his environment.  I worry about him navigating strange places, but I do not want to embarrass him.  For example: when we are at gymnastics, he wants to run and play with the other kids while we wait for class.  It is fine at first, but as we get closer to class the place gets busy and he struggles to see what's going on in his environment once it gets crowded.  When I call him back to me he says, "Mommy I play."

He weathered this last cold without an ear infection.  That is quite the accomplishment.  He is having some allergy issues.  He has been put on a second nasal spray.  He is also suffering from worsening rashes.  I think there is some other food allergy.  We have taken egg whites and milk away, and limit soy to a few times a week.  The pediatrician thinks it is intolerance's rather than allergies and wants him to see a GI after I follow up with allergist in June.

He has lots of appointments coming up:

Neurosurgeon w/ scan-June
CP Clinic-July

This list may seem long, but it is nothing compared to the past.  Instead of two appointments a month, he sometimes had two appointments a week.  Thank God for progress.