Saturday, January 29, 2011

Am I reading too much into this?

+I emailed Randy's teacher at the developmental pre school and asked for to write a summary of his present levels of performance and what he has accomplished this year and what he needs to be working on.  I am gathering data for his IEP meeting since he will be turning three in about six weeks.  His teacher forwarded the email to the PT, OT, SLT, and vision teacher so that they could give me feed back as well.  This is what the SLT wrote:

Here's a few s/l observations on Randy:

Verbal responses to questions are improving in accuracy but still very inconsistent; familiar questions are obviously easier.

Continues to have difficulty choosing an object requested when two choices given; strategies such as presenting each separately and letting him touch each before asking would be helpful

He is able to name some visually appropriate pictures however may perseverate on the name of one pic and use that word to name those following; ex. "happy"

He is able to spontaneously sing words of familiar songs and will sing and/or say words or phrases that are associated with an activity within his school routine in anticipation of the activity. (ex. sings "Open, shut them" when sits down for snack; says "other side" when handed chew tubing used for oral awareness))

He frequently echoes phrases he has heard, sometimes in a delayed manner.

His articulation appears to be within normal limits for his age; he's easy to understand most of the time.

This is also the same therapist that called me because she was concerned about the amount of echolalia that Randy was using.  I think the real reason it is bothering me is because I am worried about his speech..... No, I am worried about his language.  He says tons of words, but he does not "talk" to me.  He cannot tell me anything about his day.  He cannot tell me a story.  He cannot identify things.

Am I reading too much into this?