Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a visit

Today was the best doctor appointment Randy has ever had.  No shots.  No blood draws or tests ordered.  No new meds.  He has a cold, but his ears are clear (right now).  He was soo cooperative.  He let Dr. P look in his ears and in his mouth (well barely).  He used the big boy scale and stood against the wall to be measured.  His stats are:

Height - 35.75 in (5th-10th percentile); I think he is about a half inch taller
Weight - 29 lbs (25th percentile)

I think his height is off because he cannot physically put his heels against the wall.  He slouched a little in order to keep his balance. 

We talked about his diet.  He did not have a lot of ideas; or at least the ideas he had were full of milk and eggs.  He liked the idea of me grinding almonds and putting them in foods.  He was OK with me adding baby meats to some dishes.  He says that feeding issues are slow to resolve.  Expect it to take time.  I have to up his vitamin to 1.5 ml, and we will talk about gummy vitamins next year.

Dr. P really wants me to get him as much speech therapy as possible.  He feels like he's doing well considering, but feels that more therapy can help close the gap.  He says that speech/cognitive that Randy is about a year behind, and gross motor about 18 months behind.  I grinned.  A year ago that would have freaked me out.  Today it made me smile.  I am in the acceptance stage.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Normal EEG!

Great news.  I was actually shocked to see those words on the paper.  His last EEG in 2008 was "abnormal and inconclusive".  I guess someones brain has been on the mend.