Thursday, September 24, 2009

An opportunity to share

Today I facilitated a group with our teens that are in the GRADS (Graduation Reality And Dual Role Skills) program. This program is for pregnant and parenting teens. The topic of my session was.....prematurity (of course).

I talked to them about some of the risk factors for pre-term labor; and then I shared my story. I shared pictures with them. Some of them turned their heads and could not look at some of Randy's early pictures. The lone young man in the room was visibly upset. They asked so many good questions. Many of them wanted to know how my son was doing now.

It felt really good to do this today. I had a few main points that i wanted to get across:
  • eliminate whatever lifestyle factors that are in your control
  • learn to advocate for good prenatal care for yourself and pediatric care for your children
  • write down questions and answers when you go to the doctors office
  • seek advice from a trusted mentor/family member when needed
I truly pray that I helped someone today.

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