Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Randy and Grammy at physical therapy

I had the great pleasure and honor to take Randy to have his p. t. on two Mondays. He is such a good boy but I did see his patience pushed to the limit. He also likes to do things his own way. Randy moves to his left side very well. His therapist is working with him to use his right side also. She tells him unless he starts to use his right side as well he will continue to go in circles. She uses different toys to attract his attention and she lets him move to the left then when she wants him to move to the right she gently assists him. She also helped him stretch his muscles on the right side. She is very good with him. He responds to her very well. That is until she had him on his knees. The first week we went he screamed bloody murder when she had him on his knees. He did not like it at all. This week he seemed not to mind it quite as much. She was pleased with the progress he is making and tells him he is doing a "good job." At the end of his session this week she let him roll over until he was right by me. He lifted his arms and we left.

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  1. You're right mom; he does hate being on his knees. He has to practice this in order to begin crawling. He's going to miss his "therapy with grammy" this summer.