Monday, June 15, 2009

The little cold has....

turned into an ear infection. Randy developed a cough and the slight fever lingered over the weekend. I told myself that I would call the pediatrician if he did not feel better this morning. I always second guess myself when deciding to call the doctor or not. I don't to be a frantic mom that takes him to the doctor for everything; but I also don't want him to suffer unnecessarily. And Randy has a tendency to present such slight symptoms even when he is really sick. My daughter had chronic ear infections as a baby; and I always knew. She got sick very quickly. High fever, vomiting, screaming. You get the picture. Randy just barely runs a fever and does not scream. Usually the main indicator for me is his mood. He is generally so happy, and when he is ill he gets cranky. I knew to call when he cried all the way through physical therapy today.

Speaking of therapy, the OT tried the honey bear cup with him after his PT session. She ordered him one and wanted to try it before we saw the feeding team tomorrow. The honey bear cup allows you to squeeze the liquid through a straw. He did no better with this than any other cup. He would not close his lips around the straw. She said if she has to teach him to drink from a cup, she may as well teach him to drink from an open cup. This is a link to see the cup

Randy goes to see the feeding team tomorrow. I was nervous about the appointment since he has not been drinking very well. But I feel better because he weighed 19 lbs today at the pediatrician!

BTW-We are cameraless (is that a word)? right now, so no new pictures.

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