Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crawling and Bawling

That's what happened today at therapy. Randy crawled and I bawled!

Maybe I am exaggerating a bit. He did not crawl in the way you are thinking. He was not up on all four and move alternating arms and legs. Actually he was laying on his belly and his dug his toes into the mat and pulled himself by both elbows at the same time as he pushed off on his toes.

But for me, he crawled. And I bawled!

Ok, maybe I did not bawl. But there were tears in my eyes and they were pushing against my eyelids. And every so often one would fall. The OT said, "Mom you are going to make me cry too."

Randy crawled and I bawled!

These were certainly tears of joy. He has overcome so much. He is so determined. He has worked so hard to do things like eat and play and sit up and grab toys and roll over and see and hear. Today was a major victory!

Randy crawled and I bawled!

I bawled for the baby that the OB said "I'm not sure if this is really a baby; don't celebrate" because my hormone levels were out of whack.
I bawled for the baby that I laid in the bed for three weeks and tried to keep him in my womb.
I bawled for the baby that took 20 minutes of tugging and pulling to get out of the womb because he was trapped by those awful fibroids.
I bawled for the baby that was given a 50/50 chance on his first day of life.
I bawled for the baby that suffered grade III IVH (brain bleeds) on his fourth day of life.
I bawled for the baby that contracted MRSA and meningitis.
I bawled for the baby that has had 10+ brain surgeries in the first nine months of his life.
I bawled for the baby that spent more of 2008 in the hospital than out.
I'm bawling now because I am in awe of my little man.

Randy crawled and I bawled.


  1. I'm crying too! You go, Randy! Show us how it is done--no mountain high enuf!

  2. Yay! This is sooo exciting!

  3. I am so happy for you and for your Randy! This is just the beginning! It can only get better! woo hoo! I remember the first time Kenny "crawled"....pretty much the same reaction you had!
    You show them all Randy!!!!!

  4. so happy for you. I know I felt the same way when our guy started rolling. I also had the fibroids and my son was born just a few weeks before yours in (a 26 weeker) in 08. I know how hard all this has been. Take time to celebrate and enjoy these moments. You deserve to be so proud!