Friday, March 19, 2010

Randy turns 2!!!!

Can you believe it?  I can't.  One of my close friends said, "It seems like yesterday you were in the hospital turned upside down".  You would have to know the story of his birth to understand that statement.  This year has been amazing.  He has gone from a baby that could not roll over a year ago,  to this little toddler who is making HUGE strides.  Since last year he has:
  • only had 2 shunt revisions
  • sat up without any support
  • rolled over both ways
  • army crawled
  • started daycare
  • transitioned in and out of sitting
  • spoke a dozen words
  • crawled on all fours
  • pulled to stand
  • walked 30 feet with a walker
  • and much more.....

It is so amazing how much he has flourished.  Happy Brithday my baby.


  1. Awww!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDY!!! I can't believe I missed it! (Sorry this is late) Hope you all had a great day!!! :-)

  2. WOW - I'd say he had a very busy year! He looks like he's really enjoying being 2!

  3. It does seem like only yesterday that he was born. He has gotten soooo big :). I'm glad he had a good birthday.