Monday, April 5, 2010

I guess he can have a bad day too.....

I guess?  After work I picked up Randy from the sitter at the usual time and we headed home.  He played for about 15 minutes and even tried some fun dip from his Easter basket.  Around 4:45, he began crying.  Hard.  He did not want a snack.  He did not want a bottle.  He did not want juice.  He just cried.  He did not want to be held.  He did not want to lie down.  He just cried.

I got him settled around 5:15 and he napped for about 30 minutes.  He woke up crying again.  And he cried. And he cried.  By this time dad was home.  He tried water, bottle, juice, taking him outside, walking around.  He tried everything.  I took him and I tried to calm him.  I even called his sitter and asked her if he had been cranky today.  She assured me that he was fine all day.

I was beginning to worry.  Randy does not cry much; well not cry.  He'll scream or whine if he's not getting this way, but he does not really cry.  And I'm not sure if I can explain this cry.  It was strong and piercing.  It seemed as if he was in some type of horrific pain.  The worst part was that there was nothing we could do to soothe it.  And then somewhere around 7:15, the crying stopped.  He slurped down 4 oz of formula and got down to play.  He played for about an hour, ate one jar of baby food, took his meds, brushed his teeth, and went to bed.  It was weird.

I guess Randy can have a bad day too..... So why am I still worried?

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  1. you worry...momma, because he has a shunt. That was my thought as well. When Jacob's had come out of his ventricle, he was just fussy at first *a different kind of fuss*, day two he became sleepy. He never completely stopped eating, he ate less...but still ate. By day 3, his heart rate was very low, *thank goodness we have an oximeter* and even when he was awake, he looked like he wasn't with us or he was crying. There was never fullness/ other signs. We took him to the ER on the 3rd day, they told me he was fine. Not until the 5th day...when I took him to the Neuro surgeon and refused to leave until they "fixed" him, did anyone find what had happened.
    Praying it's NOT his shunt and he just had an off day. I decided that day though...when in doubt...I am demanding a CT and that it be read by a Neuro.
    Keep us posted!