Monday, March 15, 2010

Had to leave Randyland

I consider myself a very realistic person, but I must admit that since having Randy I choose to live in an alternate reality.  I see him through these rose colored glasses where today and tomorrow is always bright.  Now I'm not crazy; it's just how I cope and stay positive.

Every once in a while I must venture into the real world and they remind me that all is not perfect in Randyland.  Today I had to buy this:

It was a simple process to get it and the pediatrician actually suggested it in October.  I just kept forgetting to find out if there was a form that he needed to fill out.  I had to print a form off the Internet (or you could pick it up at the BMV).  Then there were a few lines of personal information to fill out and I had to attach a prescription from the doctor.  There were six reasons that qualified a person for a placard and Randy qualified for three of those reasons.  Sigh.

Now I know everyone wants to tell me that this will make things so much easier and that I should see it as a blessing.  Trust me; I know.  I am glad that I have access to it.  But still, it represents imperfection.  And there is no imperfection in Randyland.

Disclaimer:  Please note that the author knows that there is no such place as Randyland and its existence is symbolic.

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