Sunday, October 4, 2009

18 month checkup

So much has happened this week and I did not have any Internet since Monday night. I think the wind damaged some lines. The cable guy spent three hours at our house Saturday, so we are now connected!

Before I post about this subject, I want to say that I love his pediatrician!

Randy had his 18 month check up on Tuesday. I had a long list of things I wanted to discuss. Some of the topics were: growth, bottle, therapies, infections, allergies, and about a half dozen more. The visit started off a little frantic. It was packed in the lobby with all these kids and adults wearing masks. The medical assistant was actually one of the office managers. She smelled like cigarette smoke and did not know what she is doing. The old medical assistant was dry as week old toast, but she was competent.

Anyhoo, the pediatrician looked in his ears and said, "He has an ear infection." If you remember, I had just taken him on Friday and his ears were fine. He had an infection in both ears. He was given another antibiotic (a different kind) and was told to stop using the drops. Randy has an appointment in late November with the ENT doctor, but his ped wants me to schedule it sooner. I think he is finally as sick of these infections as I am.

He then read my list and began talking about all the things on my list as he examined his the rest of him.

Did I say that I love his pediatrician?!

He thinks that aqua therapy is a great idea once the ear infections are under control. We will look into hippo therapy at his two year appointment. He wants him to be re-evaluated for speech (the therapist suggested this in March after his last evaluation). He suggested that I apply for a handicap sticker. Although he anticipates Randy walking, how soon is still to be seen. He is still in favor of daycare despite Randy being sick.

We talked about allergies contributing to the cold symptoms and thus ear infections. He said it is possible, but not completely sure. He said that we will be able to tell a little if he gets better after ragweed season. I told him that we had an appointment for Monday. He was OK with us pursuing this avenue.

I love his pediatrician!

He was all for Randy continuing with his bottle. He says that he needs the calories and he would never drink the same amount from a cup (not that he drinks a lot right now). Randy did not gain much over the last three months, and nothing over that last two months. His stats were:

Weight: 20 lbs 4 oz
Length: almost 31 inches
Head circumference: 44.2 centimeters

He is on the curve for height, but at the lower end. He is not on the chart for weight on head circumference.

Finally, he diagnosed Randy with cerebral palsy. "Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders involving movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinking that occur due to problems with brain development and/or injury." Cerebral palsy does not get better or worse. Randy suffered injury with his brain bleeds that occurred due to his early birth. I have only told a few people and the first thing they have done is get really silent and if we were not on the phone they would have had their mouths hanging open. LOL.

I really took the diagnosis well. My ped had talked to me at the 15 month appointment. He was preparing me. I think he would have put off the diagnosis until the 2 year appointment, but I kind of pushed the envelope with my questions. I asked what symptoms Randy was showing that would lead to the diagnosis, etc... I finally asked, "Are you on the fence as to whether Randy has cerebral palsy?" He said, "No." Then I said, "Diagnosis it now then."

Many may be wondering why I would want this diagnosis for my son? I don't want my son to have cerebral palsy. I did not want him born three months early? I don't want him to have hydrocephalus. I don't want him to have a shunt. But my wanting or not wanting does not change reality. It is what it is.

Some of you may wonder how my doctor could delay such a diagnosis? It's because we are not doing anything different now that he has cerebral palsy than we would have done without the diagnosis. He will still get PT, OT, feeding, and speech. I will still work with him at home. Nothing changes.

Then what is the purpose of the diagnosis? I'm not totally sure. I do know that it lets the insurance company know that these issues are not going away. Maybe it gives us a leg to stand on when we are asking for money for therapies and/or equipment.

All I know is that my little boy was the same when we left as when he arrived. That is what is important to me.

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