Saturday, October 24, 2009

We've Been Played!

By the adorable little boy you see belowFor the last seven out of eight nights, he has managed to be held, rocked, and/or fed in the middle of the night by one of his parents. He has also managed to spend the rest of the night (er..morning) in his parents bed.

It started last Friday night when he awoke screaming as if he were being attacked. I startled out of bed and stumbled in his room. I thought I was going to find blood or vomit. Nope. Just a little boy screaming his head off. I picked him up and calmed him down. Tried to lay him down....screams again.

I said to myself, "Maybe he is hungry". He was fed dinner by his sister and others do not always have the patience to feed him enough food. Feeding him can be a long process because he eats slowly. Anyway, I go get him a bottle and we snuggle in mommy's recliner. He gets nice and full and goes to bed.

The next night I make sure he gets a good dinner. Surely he won't wake up tonight. Again I am startled awake by screams. I go get a bottle. He drinks it and goes to sleep. I remember back to one of the baby books I read and it talks about an increase in appetite when babies are going through growth spurts. They may wake at odd times through the night wanting to eat. Ahh, that explains it!!

So I am prepared the next night. I have a "middle of the night" bottle prepared and I don't even startle when he screams. I go get the bottle first, then I get him. I cuddle in the recliner with him and he pushes the bottle away saying, "all done". Okaaay. We cuddle and I nod. I try to lay him down and he screams. I am beat. Dad has gone to the couch because he has to get up at 4am. I have the next day off. Baby wins; I put him in my bed.

The next week is the same every night except one. He screams. We go get him. A few of the nights it is at 4am and dad holds him while getting ready for work and brings him to our bed with me when it is time for him to leave. I have tried all I know to do. I have started giving him cereal before bed. I switched his reflux med to nighttime instead of morning. Nothing works. The only night he slept all night this past week is when I gave him Tylenol. Who gives their child Tylenol every night before bed? Don't answer that question.

I have to admit that I have been played by a 19 month old!

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  1. lol These boys! Marley does the same thing...His isn't about eating (since he has continuous feeds at night), but he just wants someone in the same room as him. They sure know how to get what they want!