Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm almost afraid to type this.....

Randy is not sick!!! No runny nose. No draining ears. No sneezing. No fever. Only a cough late at night. I'm still holding my breath though because he is currently on antibiotics.

He went to the neurosurgeons on October 1st. The neurosurgeon looked at his current medications and said, "Does he have ANOTHER ear infection?" He asked this because Randy has been on antibiotics the last three visits. He was very upset about this. He wants to revise his shunt because the right ventricle that he is watching, continues to increase. But, he does not want to operate with him having an infection unless it is an emergency.

So he sent him to the infectious disease doctor on the following Monday. Although we spent almost two hours there, I must say that this was one of the best doctors I have ever taken him too. She explained about infections and how they respond to antibiotics and morph into different forms to trick the antibiotic (she sounded cooler and more knowledgeable when she said it). She decided to increase his dose of current antibiotic (Augmentin) to the max dose and extend it another four days. If his ear infection comes back when this cycle is over, she recommends three shots of Rocephin. The neurosurgeon should operate the day after the last shot. If his ear infection does not come back after the antibiotics, then the neurosurgeon is cleared to operate.

Randy gets another CT scan tomorrow and he is supposed to see the neurosurgeon on Thursday. Getting a return appointment to the neurosurgeon has turned into a part time job. When I left he office, I was told that the nurse would have to call me because there were no open appointments and only she could override his schedule to fit Randy in. I waited until Tuesday; no call from nurse. So I call on Tuesday and am told that the nurse is meeting with the doctor that afternoon and will call me with a time after the meeting. Still no call. I call on Friday and the nurse is not in; left a message.

So I can envision what is going to happen. Randy will get the CT scan on Monday evening. The doctor will read it Tuesday evening and on Wednesday some nurse will call me and say that I MUST get him in right away. She will give me some god awful time slot with no regard to my job. Word to doctors and nurses: NOT ALL CHILDREN HAVE A STAY AT HOME MOM!!

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