Monday, March 23, 2009

One year check up

Randy went to his one year check up today. He was suppossed to get shots, but he has been having a fever the last few days so the pediatrician decided to hold off for a week or so. I asked him when I was going to stop freaking out over every little thing about his health. He told me it would be a while and give myself some time. He told me that most of the time I have been right that it was more than it seemed. I love my doctor! He has been my daughter's doctor for thirteen years.

He asked a lot of questions about Randy's development. He was not happy to hear that he was not tolerating textures past stage 2 baby food. So.... we add another specialist to our list-speech therapist. I try not to get discouraged about where he is; most of the time I am quite pleased. I think it just is a reminder of what a battle he has fought and will continue to fight when I am asked questions about his development. Randy can:
  • sit up unsupported (but cannot get in and out of this position)
  • transfer things from hand to hand (will not hold an item in each hand)
  • "conversate" (still is not using many consonant sound like b, m, or d)
  • roll from belly to back (not back to belly)
I am to keep him on formula for at least three more months. This is going to be tough. He is falling out of love with his bottle. Ideally, he should drink 24-28 ounces per day. I am struggling to get him to take 18-20. It seems like he is losing his ability to suck. Hopefully speech therapy can help with this.

On a good note, he is on the chart for his actual age in height. He is in the 5th percentile! YAY! He is not on there for weight or head circumference yet.

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