Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Latest MRI results

The nurse from the neurosurgeons office returned my call yesterday. I wanted to know the results of Randy's MRI taken last Wednesday. He had to get a repeat scan because his scan from last month showed inlarged ventricles. The latest MRI showed the ventricles to be smaller.

I should back up. Randy has hydrocephalus. This resulted from grade III Interventricular Hemorrhaging (IVH) shortly after birth. They are more commonly called "brain bleeds". Well the bleeds caused the spinal fluid to collect in the ventricles in his brain; thus resulting in hydrocephalus. He has a shunt, and has had many revisions. You can get more detail when I post the other parts of "his story".

I am now waiting on the nurse to talk to the neurosurgeon to schedule our next appointment. Hopefully we can wait three months, and then move to a six month schedule. This nurse is new, so it seems that I have to explain everything to her.

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