Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recent Physical Therapy Re-Evaluation

Dated: June 7, 2010

Long Term Goals
Randy will ambulate 20' independently using a normal base of support without loss of balance - not achieved
Randy will be in the 25th percentile for gross motor as assessed by the Peabody - not achieved
Randy will walk up and down 4 steps with 1 hand rail and step to gait - not initiated
Randy will step backwards for 5 feet with or without pulling object 3/5 attempts - not initiated
Randy will kick a ball in standing without loss of balance 3/5 attempts - not initiated

Short term goals
Randy will be independent in getting in and out of walker 4/5 attempts - achieved
Randy will ambulates in a walker of push toy for 50' and around corners independently 2/3 attempts - achieved
Randy will stand independently for 1 minute 3/5 attempts - partially achieved
Randy will throw a ball in standing with minimal loss of balance - not achieved
Randy will move from sitting on the floor to standing independently 2/5 attempts - not achieved

His current Peabody z-score is -1.88 which is an improvement over 6 months ago.  Individual scores:
Stationary - 18 months, 37th percentile
Locomotion - 13 months, 1st percentile
Object manipulation - 12 months, 2nd percentile


  1. Hi Tiffany, I got your comment on Romy's blog about 'The Breakfast Club' group she's in. I found out about it from one of her occupational therapists. They hold it at the local hospital in a classroom type of setting. Maybe you could ask the feeding clinic Randy goes to if they know of any such program. I really hope you can find one in your area. Although Romy has only been in the group for a few weeks, I can see some progress. I'll be crossing my fingers for you guys!

  2. Sounds like he's achieving most of his short term goals! That's good!! The long term ones will come with time!! But that's awesome that he's using a walker and is able to get around in it!! Good for him!! :-)