Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recent Speech Therapy Re-Evaluation

Dated: June 9, 2010

Long term goals:
Randy will increase expressive language skills to an age-appropriate level (vocabulary, sentence length)-partially achieved
Randy will increase receptive language skills (vocabulary, understanding concepts, following directions)-partially achieved

Short term goals:
Randy will demonstrate appropriate play with toys with cueing 7/10 trials-partially achieved
Randy will follow one-step directions with moderate prompting on 7/10 trials-partially achieved
Randy will imitate CV combinations modeled to him by the SLP five times each therapy session-achieved

Randy has made nice progress during his enrollment in therapy.  His play skills are progressing as Randy activates cause and effects toys independently. However, he continues to need maximum assistance to participate in interactive games with adults such as rolling a ball back and forth.  He continues to explore toys during play through mouthing and banging.  Typically, children aged 6-9 months play without mouthing and banging.

In terms of receptive language, Randy is to follow one-step commands in the context of play.  The commands he follows are predictable given the context of the activity.  For example, he will put balls in a ball popper when requested to do so.  He is not following novel one-step commands in the context of play.  Same aged peers are typically demonstrating their understanding of language by identifying body parts, choosing one object from a group of five, and following two-step related commands.

Regarding expressive language, Randy ~10 words per therapy session.  This has increased since the last status report in April wen Randy was imitating ~5 words per therapy session.  Imitation is an important skill for increasing expressive vocabulary.  Currently, Randy is saying ~20 words independently.  At 24 months of age, children are typically saying 50 words independently.


  1. Yay Randy...on everything you have accomplished...and keep up the good work on the skills yet mastered! I'm so proud of you!!!
    I always love seeing remind me so much of my little man!

  2. Great job, Randy! I agree that the imitation skills are essential. And, for point of reference, at 24 months of age, Hallie had 2 or 3 word approximations ("g" for "go", "bu" for bubbles) and no real words at all. At 4 she has an age appropriate vocabulary (but poor pragmatic skills). So 20 words at 24 months seems TREMENDOUS. (It's freaky, though, to have a typically developing kid now. Lea has what seems to us to be a mammoth vocabulary--maybe 35 words or so?--at 17 months and it blows us away).

  3. Sounds like things are coming right along for Randy! My son did not speak until he was almost three, then I couldn't get him to stop talking.... hee hee. Now he is thirteen and has no speech issues. I have run an in-home daycare for 16 years and have seen many speech issues. I love love the site, my kiddos love it and I really like the fact that I can help out at home. Good Luck! I'm sue things will straighten out!