Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Randy's suspension has been lifted

Randy was suspended from daycare. Not by the daycare; but by the doctor. The neurosurgeon did not want him in daycare after his surgery for fear of infection. He was released to go last week, but the director and I agreed on this week because of the holiday last week.

Randy was beyond excited to go back to daycare. Now he loves his sitter, but I think he likes all the toys at the daycare and the other kids. He began squealing when I pulled into the drop off/pick up area. He was saying ma-ma, da-da, and bye-bye. He almost jumped out of my arms as I was carrying him down the hall way.

The OT emailed me yesterday to talk about his feeding. I told her about all the issues I was having. Well guess what the stinker did? He ate orange and toast for her!! Now he would not eat lunch for the classroom teacher; they had to give him baby food. Am I going to have to go back to school to study occupational therapy in order to get my son to eat table food?

Randy shared his new skill with them; I haven't shared it with you guys. Randy can crawl on all fours!!!! He is crawling on knees about 60% of the time. He is so tickled with himself and I am so proud of him.


  1. Wow, Randy! We are so thrilled you are crawling! You and Kai have clearly been sharing about the fun trick of eating in front of the feeding therapist or OT, but not for Mom. Here's hoping you two come up with a new game that your moms can enjoy too. :)

  2. Awesome!!! Sounds like he's doing great!!! :-) :-)