Thursday, December 17, 2009

He looks so good!!!

Do you know how many times we heard this today? At least 5 times. We heard it from the receptionists. We heard it from the medical assistant. We heard it from the nurse. We heard it from the physician assistant. We heard it from TWO neurosurgeons!!!

Randy's post-op visit went spectacular. He weigh 22 lbs 12 oz and he is a tad over 32 inches long. He is "on the chart for both height and weight now" (albeit the 10th percentile). His head measured 45 cm (still not on the chart, but growing). His vitals were good. His reflexes were good. His incision is healing great. He has the go ahead to do anything he wants (although he did discourage me from swimming lesson until the weather breaks).

And the best news of all is that he does not return for another 6 months.