Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Randy and Mommy are sick

I took Randy to the doctor yesterday after work. I was going to just nurse his symptoms at home, but I remembered what the neurosurgeon said to me when he discharged him from the hospital from his last shunt revision. "If he gets sick, be very aggressive. Take him to the pediatrician." I told his pediatrician exactly what the neurosurgeon said. He chuckled. He understands how important it is that Randy does not get a shunt infection.

Randy added a new symptom each day: Friday-rash, Saturday-runny nose & sneezing, Sunday-cough & low grade temp. His ped listened to his lungs and looked at his rash. He said his lungs sound junky, but he did not think it was classic pneumonia. Instead he thought it was RSV and/or Mycoplasma (walking pneumonia). But guess what? His ears looked great. The ped gave him a Z-pack and told me to push fluids, rest, blah blah blah. He did say that I need to call him if his temperature spiked high or if he started wheezing. He also did a swine flu test that he sent to Children's Hospital. I should know those results in a few days.

So on to good news. Randy pulled himself to stand from his knees!!!! He was leaning like a plank against a building, but he did it! He only lasted a few seconds, but he did it!! Sorry I did not get a pic; it happened too fast.

So despite runny noses and coughs, we are all pretty happy over here with this latest accomplishment.

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