Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why Blog?

One of my students asked me this question today? I told her that I could not speak for all people, but could only answer for myself.

First I blog because it is therapeutic. I have honored a lot of feelings by blogging: fear, anxiety, worry, and joy. It feels good to write about his development and look back a few weeks later.

I also blog to keep family and friends posted. Most of them are here in the city, but they still may not know the day to day progress. It becomes difficult to relay the same doctor appointment seven, eight, or ten times.

Lastly I blog because I want to help that other mom and dad who has just had this little frail baby that is clinging to life. I want those parents who just heard the words "Brain Bleed". I want all of these parents to know what my son's life is like one year later. I want to give them reality: therapies, doctors appointments, surgeries, working with their child daily. I also want to give them hope: the smiles, sitting up, rolling for the first time, swinging at the playground. If my blog helps ONE parent/family, then it is worth the time and effort.


  1. Blogging is very therapeutic! It just sucks when you've posted your thoughts (because it's your blog) and someone posts negative remarks about you! I take things too personally! lol

    Liam is still doing regular PT and OT. I can't give them up. I think that there is a great balance that is walked between the two therapy philosophies and I have two really good therapists who are open and eager to do whatever will work for Liam. I think both methods can be used for optimal gain as long as what your regular PT/OT are doing aren't too far out of whack with ABM. And I am very fortunate that mine are not. I'm sure it also helps that Liam is still such a peanut that the therapies used for him coincide a lot. Do you have ABM therapists locally? Ours is a 5 hour drive away so it is hard financially and physically to get there very often. But I do feel like it has been a benefit for him so far.

  2. I love your blogs especially since D and I don't live close or get to visit very often. It lets us know what's going on with our little nephew and you. Keep Writing! Love you -Becky-