Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Therapy going great!!

All Randy's therapies have been scheduled. He will have PT on Mondays at 8a; OT on Tuesdays at 7:15a, and feeding on Wednesdays at 7:30a. My mother has so lovingly agreed to take him to PT on Monday and work late that day. I love you mom!!

Today was his second feeding appointment. She is very encouraged that he will progress to be a decent eater. She says that his tone is low and he is a little weak. That contributes to him fatiguing easily. He has some sensory issues and defensiveness, but she feels we can work through them. Plus, he LIKES to eat. I'm sure you can tell from the picture below.

Your eyes are not deceiving you; that is a chicken bone. He did not eat the chicken off the bone, but he did enjoy chomping his gums on it. And don't worry, I was sitting right in front of him.

The therapist is having us to make sure that he closes his mouth around his spoon when eating. If he does not, then we should place the spoon on his tongue. This will make him close his mouth. I am also to take his NUK brush and put it in the back of his mouth where his molars will be. He loves to chomp on it. Of course he does better on his right side instead of his left. She says this is a good exercise. He is to do this twice a day. Next week she is going to work on something with an open cup. Can't wait!!

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