Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vision Therapy

Randy has vision therapy once a month. The vision specialist was very pleased with his vision progress since last month. He is tracking better and is more visually attentive to toys. She gave him lots of different textures to touch. He was receptive to touching all of them. She also gave him several toys that he needed to push to activate. Randy normally whacks all his toys. He also whacks at the floor, the table, your face, etc... He whacks anything and anyone he can. Well the vision specialist says that he should be beyond this stage, and at this point it is behavioral. According to her, this seems to be a common among children with vision impairment. I need to stop him if he does this.

So, I have to practice rolling; practice bearing weight on his hands (especially the right); practice side sitting; practice bearing weight on his knees; practice putting objects in container; practice holding two objects (one in each hand); practice waving bye bye; read books daily; patch his eye daily; use the NUK brush on his mouth; make sure he closes his mouth around his spoon; introduce new textures; and love on him everyday. WHEW!

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