Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look Ma, no hands!

That is Randy on the swing in gymnastics.  It was the first time that the little ones have used it.  There were three kids in class that day.  The little girls in the glass seemed to like it a little, but Randy LOVED the swing.  He had this huge belly laugh and cried when he had to get off (she gave him a second turn).

Randy has been in gymnastics since August.  It has been a great addition to his therapies.  We are in the Mom n' Tots class; it starts at 15 months.  There is a 2/3 class and a 4/5 class.  We started in this class because he was not walking in August.  The first couple of classes consisted of me dragging him from station to station and putting him through all the paces.  His teacher and I talked about moving him up.  We both agree that maturity wise he is ready.  He is able to follow directions and take turns much better than his classmates; but he is also 6-12 months older than they are.  Physically though, he is still behind these much younger peers.  The coach and I plan to move him up when he turns 3.  She will be moving some of her older girls in the 2/3 class and thinks that he will do great.  There are two instructors in the class. I am so proud of him.

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  1. Go Randy! That swing looks so fun! Great to hear how wonderful he is doing in class.