Friday, December 24, 2010

The eyes continue to improve

Boy are we glad! Randy saw the eye doctor Monday and got a great report.  Not only is he using both eyes, he is using them together!!!  We are reducing his patching from 2-2.5 hours Monday-Friday to 2-2.5 hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  If he continues to use them together with this amount of patching, then we will try no patching.

I am so grateful for his current opthamologist.  Although he does not freely explain as much as I would like (he makes me ask sooooo many questions) and we disagree about vision therapy, I respect that he has always valued my sons quality of life.  I felt like his first opthamologist looks at his scans (brain), looked at his history, and wrote him off.  He kept saying "his eyes are fine" when it was pretty obvious that they were not.  His current opthamologist also cares how Randy appears to the world.  He wants to surgically align Randy's eyes before he reaches kindergarten.  So we will continue with his plan to patch to strengthen the vision, and surgery in the next year or so to align his eyes.

And I will pursue vision therapy, without his blessing.

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