Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Look what I found this morning

when I went into Randy's room.
I'm not talking about him covering his face (he was actually crying because I took too long to get to him); I am talking about the fact that he is sitting up! He went from laying to sitting all by himself.

I have not witnessed him doing this by himself yet, but we have been working on it so hard in therapy and practicing at home. Maybe the Kinesio (sp?) tape helped.

His PT taped his tummy. She said this would keep the muscle in place and help build strength. He really did not mind it much; I just had to keep a onsie on him so he wouldn't take it off. I'll have to let her know what he did on Monday and maybe she will tape him again.

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  1. What a cutie! Marc is 19m and he got hippo therapy becuase his pt and ot reccomended it. We had to get a form filled out by our pediatriian and that was it. They usually dont accept kids so young but i had everyone call until they took him. BTW i have heard excellent things about goats milk...maybe it will help your little man