Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm done with the dairy products....

I don't care what the allergy testing says. I have tried on three occasions to give Randy dairy; once before the testing and twice after the testing. Each time I give dairy to him he vomits for the rest of the day and gets fine bumps on his cheek.

Now I need to decide should I try soy products? rice products? goat products?


  1. I like soy products. They have kroger brand milk that is for people who can't tolerate dairy products. It tastes the same as milk to me. Goat products probably would not be a good choice but im not an expert, I just know that I can't have very much dairy and goat milk bothers me the same as dairy. We love our little man and hope all is well there. D and I are "home sick". We miss everyone.

  2. Our son did very well on goat milk products. I've heard that about half of kids with cow's milk issues also have problems with soy. And about half of kids with cow's milk issues have problems with goat's milk. When we tried goat's milk, we transitioned slowly (starting at 1 oz per day). It helped minimize his reflux and ended constipation problems. I hope that you find the magic combination of products that works for your son.