Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Will the third time be the charm?

Randy will have PE tubes put in for the third time this summer!  The first time was in July 2009.  The second time was in April 2010.  The third (and hopefully final) time will be July 2011.  The ENT doctor said that 15% of children have to get tubes a second time, and 2% of them have to get them a third time.  Some odds.

He will also get his adenoids removed at the same time.  He had an x-ray of his tonsils, adenoids and sinuses in December.  This was ordered by the allergist.  She urged me to follow up with the ENT.  I made an appointment in February, but then went the wrong day.  I was too lazy to reschedule so I just brought the results to our regularly scheduled appointment today.  His tonsils are slightly enlarged, but not much.  His adenoids were pretty large.  This combined with his 5 ear infection and persistent fluid behind his ears, warranted them being removed.

Next week: speech evaluation, CT scan, and neurosurgeon.

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  1. I hope the third time sticks. Getting ear infections is miserable esp. as much as the little man gets them. Hope the surgery doesn't leave him in pain.