Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Drinking from an open cup.... LOL


  1. Hey Tiffany, They've never "really" tested Kinnick's vision. Her ROP is so bad that they are always just surprised that she sees anything. In fact, they told us that she wouldn't be able to see in Color, and she obviously can. They tend to give expectations based on Adults who have had retinal detachment. However, they are finding that there are some pretty big differences between a child having retinal detachment and an adult. Children's brains are so spongy, for lack of a better word. Their brains tend to wire up differently and make up for some of the differences where an adults brain isn't capabable of wiring differently after detachment. They've done eye exams and prescribed lenses based on refraction (I think that's what they called it). However, that's a "best guess" kind of test. They can look at the damaged areas of the eye and also make guesses about what she should/shouldn't be able to see, however that's about like guessing what a child with CP will or will not due based on the brain damage. We just keep working with her as if she can see. Sometimes carries herself in such a way, you would swear she sees pretty darn good. Other times, it's very obvious that she just sees lights, shadows, and now colored objects when they are right in front of her face.

    Randy is doing fabulous. He's doing quite a bit more then Kinnick did at his age. He's going to be a little super hero for sure.