Sunday, August 1, 2010

I really hope so....

Today my sister-in-law, Randy's godmother, asked me if Randy was done with having surgeries for a while.  I told her, "I hope so"; but truth is that I really do not know.  That is life with a shunt.  It could fail tonight or not for ten years or never again.  It's a piece of hardware. It's like a car, or a refrigerator, or a television.  It seems that some people can have these things 20 years and they never break (well not a car), and others own them for 6 months and they break all the time.

So Randy will always have to be aware of his shunt.  He'll have to pay attention to his body and be on the lookout for warning signs.  He can't take a bout of vomiting for granted.  He can't dismiss a recurring headache.  He can't brush off fatigue.

But I really hope he does not have surgery anytime soon.

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