Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mall Play Area

Friday evening we went to the mall to pick up a few things (actually my teen wanted to pick up a few things). While she went into one of those teen stores with the loud music, I took Randy to the play area. This is the second time I've taken him. The first time was about six months ago and it was early in the morning. At the time he had just began to army crawl. He did not care for the play area and basically sat on my lap and watched the other kids play.

But now, he seemed to really enjoy it! He sat next to me hesitatingly at first. He began to crawl towards the play structures, but quickly came back to sit next to me. He was afraid. The carpet was multi-colored; some dark areas and some light areas. He could not tell if the ground was changing.... does that make sense? Randy has some depth perception issues. When he is on a multi-colored surface, the light areas look as if they are holes in the surface. But he is a smart boy and noticed that the other kids were able to walk on it, and went on his way.

He banged on the slide and a giant phone pad. He played with these rotating blocks and watched other kids. He then did such a big boy thing, he crawled to a little girl and said "Hi!". She was about 2.5 or 3. She smiled at him and moved on. Then another little girl who was barely a year old came over and he said hi to her also. They did the whole touch your face thing and interacted a little.

I was so proud of my baby with the way he played. I know this is a direct result of daycare. I have a picture, but can't seem to download it. Maybe later.


  1. That's awesoem...your little boy is growing up fast! ;-)

  2. I found your blog through the preemie blog mom board. Our boys share many diagnosis...mine was a 23 weeker, 1.3#...also shunted. I just wanted to say that your guy is SO cute...and reminds me much of my own!