Monday, November 2, 2009

Surgery is scheduled

Shunt revision is Wednesday. The nurse from neurosurgery called this morning and said the doctor wanted to do surgery. She asked if he had a fever, cough, runny nose, etc... I told her he had a slight cough and some congestion. She told me he needed to get in and see his pediatrician to be cleared for anesthesia; TODAY. He also needs to get lab work done. When I took him two and half weeks ago, the neurosurgeon talked about admitting him a day early and giving IV antibiotics an infection precaution. The nurse is going to call me back with more details and a surgery time.

Today: Doctor at 3p
Tomorrow: Lab work
Wednesday: Surgery

He watched the area for so long, now everything is moving so fast....


  1. Oh Tiffany! I hope all goes well! Randy is strong! What time is the surgery scheduled for on Wednesday?

  2. No time yet. The nurses are still working things out with the OR. I'll find out later today. He is strong. But you know it doesn't matter how many times he goes through this, the worry never completely goes away. But it is nice to know what to expect.

  3. True. The worry never goes away! He'll do fine though! Let me know how it goes tomorrow! We'll be thinking about you guys!